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Ayasuluk Hill


Although the castle was built in Byzantine times, most of the remains are from the Selcuk and Ottoman period. The castle has two gates, one being a memorial gate on the west and the other on the south. The walls were fortified with fifteen towers. A large section of the wall has been restored.

 Ayasuluk Castle    Ayasuluk Castle

Legend has it that St. John wrote his gospel in one of these towers.

The hill was defended by this well-fortified castle in the Early Christian, Byzantine, and Selcuk periods. The part of the wall still standing is from the Early Christian period and was restored in Selcuk times.

Ayasuluk Hill and Castle

The main gate in the wall was borrowed from Roman design and was built in the 6th century. Within the castle are a chapel and numerous cisterns. This old

Ayasuluk Castle