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Gokova, Gulluk and Milas

Gokova Gulf


A bay in Gokova

The translucent and deep waters of the Gulf of Gokova,on the southern shore of the Bodrum peninsula vary from the darkest blue to the palest turquoise, and the coastline is thickly wooded with every hue of green. In the evening,the sea reflects the mountains silhouetted against the setting sun, and at night it shimmers with posphorescence.You can take a yacht tour or hire a boat from Bodrum for a two, three or seven day tour of the gulf.


The Gulf of Gulluk, and harbor of the same name, lie north of the Bodrum peninsula on the Aegean. The mythological Dolphin Boy is said to have been born a little farther to the north at Kiyikislacik (Iassos) South of Gulluk,Varvil ancient Bargilya, sits at the end of a deep narrow inlet surrounded by olive covered hillsides.

Inland from Gulluk is Milas, ancient Mylasa, known for its beautiful carpets, a century old tradition which continues today. The weavers rarely mind a visitor watching them at work. Plenty of old Turkish houses with carved timbers and latticed windows provide examples of the vernacular architectural style. Gumuskesen, a monumental tomb, thought to be a small copy of the famous Halicarnassus Mausoleum, stands in the west of the city.

The ancients built Labranda, a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus, high in the mountains. Today tourists have rediscovered this mountain retreat and escape to its exhilarating air and breathtaking scenery.

Orak Island