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In the third century B.C., the Galatian settlement in Cankiri was called Gangrea, a name which evolved into Kangri. The ruins of a 750 meter, 11th century fortress overlook the city. In town, the Ulu Mosque (Sultan Suleyman), built by Turkey's greatest architect, Sinan, in the 16th century, recalls the years of Ottoman culture. Tas Mescit, a medieval hospital built in 1235, lies just outside the city. North of Cankiri is the beautiful llgaz National Park and Ski Center. In the park,Kadin Cayiri is a particularly lovely rest-area with pools, green areas and cafes. Near Eldivan,15 km southwest of Cankiri, is Bulbulpinari,a picturesque rest-area with lush greenery and picnic spots.